Product W20

Project Fairacres Estate

Date 2012

Fairacres Estate Roehampton, London

Glazing:  Double glazed clear glass. Includes curved on plan

Finish – Powder coated RAL 9911 Matt

Semi-elliptical by design and built in 1936 by Minoprio and Spencely, Fairacres is a four-storey block of 64 flats, modern in style but traditional in construction. Within a few minutes of the open space of Richmond Park the building as it stands today was built on the site of a grand family mansion known as Lower Grove House. In 1982 Fairacres was awarded Grade II status.

The GII status means any works carried out have to be within the regulations in place maintaining the original architectural intent. Here we use the W20 in a curved on plan format on some of the large bay windows.