Will double glazed windows look the same as the traditional single glazed?

Yes, the window will have steel sections almost identical to the original. The main difference is the inclusion of an ‘L’ bead that holds the thicker double glazed unit in place.


Do you cover my area?

We are one of the largest distributors of Crittall steel windows in the UK and cover the whole of the UK. Being based in North London, we are lucky enough to have good access to all major networks.


Do you have to do a site visit to provide a quote?

Not always. Many of our estimates are carried out using digital photos and drawings of property or building elevations. Through our extensive knowledge of steel windows and doors we are able to provide a breakdown of costs with illustrations. Subject to customer response, we would then carry out a full and detailed site survey.


How long will it take to replace my windows and doors?

From acceptance of deposit and confirmation of design and specification there is a manufacturing lead time of approximately 10 weeks. However, we will endeavor to start the work at the earliest possible convenience.


I have an extension being built, Can I have the windows installed ASAP?

We would always recommend window installation be carried out in the latter stages of the build. This is because steel and glass are installed as a finished product and plastering, rendering and painting can spoil or discolour the products. We do however recommend installing timber sub frames earlier.


Can you provide timber sub frames?

Yes, we provide all size frames from single light to facetted bays, including various internal details, recreating the original features. All in a range of woods, from soft wood to oak.


Do I have to arrange scaffolding or access?

We have our own scaffolding and platform towers providing adequate access is available.


Do my windows apply to building regulations?

Yes, there are various methods of compliance, both for existing and new build projects. Crittall are a FENSA registered company and all of windows and doors meet the current regulations.


Will replacement steel windows go rusty?

No, modern steel windows are hot-dip galvanised (totally immersed in molten zinc) and are therefore permanently sealed against corrosion. They cannot warp or rust. For economy, galvanised frames can simply be left unpainted as the layers of zinc and alloy will resist any corrosive action. You can hand paint the frames yourselves though if you wish.


Do steel windows produce condensation?

No, steel windows don’t cause condensation. Condensation is a problem with all windows in humid environments where inadequate ventilation is provided. Ventilation or dehumidifying are the only solution. Installing double glazed frames will simply make the existing moisture in the room less apparent.


Are steel windows draughty?

All new steel windows can be weather-stripped. We can also silicon draught-proof existing steel windows as part of maintenance and in-situ refurbishment programs.


My building is listed, therefore I cannot change my windows, Can I refurbish them?

Yes, we offer various options for refurbishment of steel windows and doors, from in-situ programs to the complete removal of existing installations, returning to our works for shot blasting, re-welding, straightening, galvanising and powder coating.